Who is Smartologic and how they can also help.

Smartologic is the sister site of Diggernaut. It was created as a way to take data and create meaningful reports and stories automatically. Smartologic was founded by some of the founders of Diggernaut.

Smartologic.com is all about automation. How can you use Smartologic and Diggernaut at the same time?

First, you can go to Diggernaut and collect the data.
Second, take the data collected from Diggernaut and then go over to Smartologic and contact us
Third, tell us how you want the information to be presented: Story, Report, etc.
Lastly,we will present the data to you in the format you pick and we can run it as often as you like

When you want to take your data to a different level, don’t forgot about Smartologic.


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