Diggernaut Developers

Visual Extractor

Here you will find materials for mastering the visual extractor "Excavator". This tool can be used to create scrapers in the point&click style.


In this section you will find documentation for the meta-language, a special language for describing the logic of scrapers. Also you will find here lessons, various examples and snippets.

Rest API

Do you want to automate the work of your application with our service using Rest API? Then you have to look here, full documentation and examples of using the API are in this section.

Free scrapers

In our free web-scraper directory you will find ready-made solutions for various sites, shops, directories, bulletin boards, social networks. You can download scrapers for free into your Diggernaut account for future use.

IO Service

With our IO service, you can automate the input and output of data to other platforms and storage locations.


In this section, we will introduce you how to operate the website. You will see how to manage your scrapers, how to configure and run them, how to download the scraped data and much more.