Basic Settings

Setting Up Cookies

Websites often uses cookies stored on the client's side in a special container called Cookie Jar. Sometimes, before making the first request to the site, it is required to initialize the container with certain cookies.

To do it, you can use the cookies parameter:

              # SETTING UP COOKIE JAR
- config:
    - domain:
      name: sessionid
      value: ADH7HSSHDj78DJJSH8896HHH
      path: /
    - domain:
      name: category
      value: 123

Fields domain, name, and value are mandatory for each cookie you set, and the path field is optional. Field domain is used to specify domain which can access value of this cookie, name of cookie you have to put to the name field, and the value helds its value. In the field path you can set path of website where this cookie will be available, you can omit this field or set it to "/" to have cookie available on entire website.