Basic Settings

Turning On Selenium

Most of the tasks you meet can be solved without using the headless blowser. Generally using standard mechanics for fetching pages is always better: its faster, consume less resources, give you more control over the process of fetching etc. But there are cases when using real browser with JS support is your only solution.

For such cases, you can use Selenium with Chrome Web Driver, however, the cost of a single request using Selenium is equal to 5 standard page requests. That is, the fetching of one page will reduce your resources at once by 5 requests. To enable Selenium, you can use option js_enabled:

- config:
    js_enabled: "yes"

Please note:
At the moment only render and page source fetch is supported by our Selenium implementation. Navigation over DOM you still have to do using standard method Find. To jump to other page you need to use standard method Walk. Click are not simulated in Selenium.