Geospatial Data

Working with geospatial data

Geospatial data is information about geographic places, includes information about locations, layers, geospatial relations. You can search and extract the data about locations using Google services or OpenStreetMap by the API they provide, which we integrated into our platform. At the moment, we only support OpenStreetMaps API. This functionality can be used in various cases. For example, to obtain polygons for certain administrative level areas in a particular country. To search for geospatial data about these areas. To obtain geographic coordinates by the address and vice versa, to obtain the address by coordinates.

To enable the geo context, use the geo command, which takes two optional parameters: provider and apikey. This command can be used in the digger, page or block context:

- geo:
    provider: osm


If you do not specify the provider parameter, the default "osm" - OpenStreetMaps will be used. OSM does not require an API key, so the apikey parameter can not be omitted for this provider.

Now lets try to get geospatial information about some country.