Project Settings

Before we move to the project itself, let's look at its settings.

In contrast to the create new project form, when editing we have several additional options.

  1. Data retention period
  2. Webhook Endpoint
  3. Payload/POST Data
  4. Delete project button

Data retention period - this field define how many days you want to keep scraped data in the cloud. Each subscription plan has its maximum value for this field. If you need a longer period for storage, choose a suitable subscription plan.

Webhook Endpoint and Payload/POST Data - designed to work with third party services. For example, if you want to send notification to the Slack when digger finished job. It often happens that you need to receive some sort of notification that the some digger has finished and you can download data. We think this method is very convenient for work.

Please remember, when you delete a project, all the diggers that belongs to this project will be also deleted. If for any reason you need to restore deleted projects or diggers, please contact us using online chat or support system. Recovery is available for paid subscribers only.