Project: Suppliers

Usage Restriction

Sometimes, Diggernaut may impose usage restriction for some of your diggers. Such restrictions can arise, for example, as a result of incorrect scraper operations, eg occurrence of the infinite loop or TOS violation. Also it may be caused by downgrading your subscription plan if you have more diggers that allowed by your new subscription plan (for more details, see Billing > Subscription section). In this case, the status of the digger will be changed and you will not be able to run it.

If you click on the Restricted status label, a panel will be opened where you can see the reason why usage was restricted.

  1. Activation request

If the restiction was applied due to the incorrect logic of the digger configuration, you can make the necessary corrections and request activation by clicking on the Activation Request button. In this case, we will check your configuration and if all is well, the digger will be returned to active status. If not, you will see an additional comment on the problem.