Profile Settings

The profile is divided into several sections, each can be changed separately.

Personal information

You can add your name and surname to the form. This information is not required, it serves exclusively for personal treatment to you by our employees or by the Diggernaut service.

Time Zone

This is very important information that affects the schedule functional. Diggernaut servers work in the UTC time zone and for the correct translation of the time between the Diggernaut servers and your time, you need to set the time zone for your region. Otherwise, the scheduled launch will not be performed exactly at the time you assigned.


Not used at this moment. In future will be used for selecting payment options available for your country so we can serve you in the currency of your country.


  1. Your current email address
  2. Field to enter new email address
  3. Add address
  4. Additional options

The Diggernaut service uses an email address to identify the user. If you want to change the current address, you first need to add a new one by specifying it in the New email address field and click on the Add Email button. After that, you need to confirm the registration of a new address using the link we will send you in confirmation email.

After confirmation, email address will be added and you can use More options button, to change main email address, send another confirmation email and delete old email address.

  1. Email is confirmed
  2. Primary email label
  3. Unconfirmed email
  4. Make email address primary
  5. Resend confirmation email
  6. Delete selected email address
  7. Add new email address