Mikhail Sisin

  https://www.diggernaut.com Co-founder of cloud-based web scraping and data extraction platform Diggernaut. Over 10 years of experience in data extraction, ETL, AI, and ML.


56 Stories by Mikhail Sisin

What is most efficient language for web scraping purposes

We decided to do this small test to find out what is more efficient (speed, CPU and RAM usage wise) programming language for web...
10 59 sec read

Self-hosted scraping? No problem!

Do you want to scrape some data from the website, but you are not ready to deploy your web scraper to the cloud and...
1 2 min read

Extract data from iCal? It couldn’t be easier.

Extract data from iCal? It couldn’t be easier. Today we write a script for scraping various resources which uses files in an iCal format...
0 4 min read

Web scraping as a tool for the participants of the real estate market

In today’s world, information plays a key role. As Nathan Rothschild said, “Who owns the information, he owns the world,” and indeed it is....
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