Export your data from Diggernaut to thousands of web services through Zapier

Export your data from Diggernaut to thousands of web services through Zapier

Zapier is a famous service that allows you to connect various web applications and organize data streams, based on events. Diggernaut users can use it to export their datasets to thousands of other web services and various APIs now. To do it, you only need to register an account with the Zapier service. A free account has a number of limitations, but it will allow you to better understand the capabilities of the service. In few words, it allows you to connect APIs of various services using a trigger-action bundle. In this bundle, one of the applications acts as a trigger, and the other applications that you connect to your link (called Zap) will perform the action role. So, if you select the Mail application as a trigger, when you receive a new message, Zap can start the chain of actions by using the data that will be extracted from the email message.

We developed the Diggernaut application in the Zapier service. This application can be used as a trigger: when your digger finishes the job, Diggernaut sends a command to your Zap, and then Zapier executes a chain of actions programmed in your Zap. For example, one of the actions could be importing data into Google Spreadsheets or into any of 1,000+ applications available on Zapier. Also, our application can be used as an action to launch your diggers in the “Data on Demand” mode (available only for paid Diggernaut accounts). In this case, when a certain event occurs, you can send a command to start the digger, and your other Zap will collect data on the digger’s completion and export it to the web service you need.

With Zapier and Diggernaut, you can build complex interfaces for data collection and processing, built on the event-based system, without knowledge of programming.

At the moment, our application is in the beta testing stage and is not available in the main directory for public access. To access our application, please click on the link: invitation to Diggernaut Beta on Zapier. At the end of the open beta test, the application will be automatically moved into Live mode, but it will not affect the functionality of your diggers, they will continue to work without any issue and will not require any changes to the configuration.

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