How scraping data is becoming the norm and not the black sheep

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Scraping data is a great tool to use if you need a lot of data, but there is always that fear of getting in trouble for scraping that data. Of course, some websites have copyright issues with taking data from them, but there are also websites that are a free game such as government websites. Scraping data has always been a grey area, but it seems that that grey area is becoming clearer.

With these three new trials in favor of scraping, I believe the adage of scraping is bad and illegal will be exchanged with “well hey, this is a lot of data so why not just scrape it.” Companies begin to become laxer on scraping data; even if there is a cut for them.  Why not benefit from it? If there is a benefit for both sides, isn’t it a win-win for both sides? I think so. Companies begin to realize that scraping is a business and if they can get a cut of that business they will. I don’t see why more companies aren’t willing to work with scrapers. Companies are so fast to get upset and think they are being taken for when scrapers can take the next step and begin to work with companies to find a middle ground.

The internet is an excellent place with good and bad things. We can all admit that. Saying that there is a lot of data that other people need, want, or desire for many reasons. The internet is full of information, ready at everyone’s hands. Why can’t we all come to a big kumbaya and accept that we all can share information? The information is just floating out there in, and everyone can see it. What is the difference between someone manually writing all the data down or a scraper collecting all the data? Well, one takes longer, and the other doesn’t. Companies need to realize, their data is going to be collected and used no matter if it’s done manually or by a scraper; so why not just work with a scraping company?

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