I want to have my data flow directly from digger to RDBMS

Do you want to save data to RDBMS?

Its not that hard.

And today I’m going to show you how easily it can be done using Diggernaut’s Compile Service.

Stage One: preparation.

This is test configuration you can use as sample for education, its fully working example and doesnt break any ToS. So its safe to use it in any country.

Our out data set will have forllowing structure:

Lets prepare our database. Digger can save data to MySQL, Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL. So we need to create database and tables for our data.




Now lets compile our digger.

Dowload it and run.
There you go, you can see data not in your DB. So now you can have your data flow directly from digger to your database without a hassle.

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