Solve captcha when you scrape the web

Solve captcha when you scrape the web

In addition to the Death By Captcha service, which we told you about a couple of months ago, we implemented the integration with one more service: AntiCaptcha.

Why we choose AntiCaptcha? First, we wanted to give our users a choice so that they were not hostages to the situation when only one provider is available. Secondly, AntiCaptcha offers more convenient options, when DeathByCaptcha does not. Thirdly, it seemed to us that the prices for the AntiCaptcha service are slightly lower.

What exactly can you do with AntiCaptcha, which you can not do with Death By Captcha:

  1. For AntiCaptcha, we have added the ability to solve image captcha. Many sites still use imagec captcha and therefore this service is still relevant. For example, image captcha is still used by Amazon. The logic of the work is technically simple. You need to download the CAPTCHA image and use it with the “captcha_resolve” command. If captcha is recognized, its text will be in the “captcha” variable. Unfortunately, for the DeathByCaptcha provider, we have not added such functionality yet, but we will add it in the near future.

  2. AntiCaptcha allows you to solve Google ReCaptcha 2 in the “proxyless” mode. In this case, you do not need to use your own proxy for scraping, you can use our anonymous proxy network for scraping and still solve Google ReCaptcha v2 using this mode. This option is not available from DeathByCaptcha and we do not know if they plan to implement it. According to our observations, recognition with this option is more stable, so we recommend you to use it in your projects.

AntiCaptcha has only one con in comparison with DeathByCaptcha, as we have noticed so far. You can claim a refund for an incorrectly solved captcha only for image captchas. For captchas like Google Recaptcha v2, this is not possible. In all other cases, the AntiCaptcha service seemed to us more convenient and slightly more stable.

More detailed information about how to use the service for solving the captcha in your scraper is available in our documentation.

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