Mikhail Sisin Co-founder of cloud-based web scraping and data extraction platform Diggernaut. Over 10 years of experience in data extraction, ETL, AI, and ML.

How “Big Data” helps the businesses

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How "Big Data" helps the businesses

What is “Big Data”?

In simple words, “Big Data” are huge arrays of heterogeneous information, managed by various tools and methods, different from traditional databases. The idea of “Big Data” was conceived because of the need to process vast amounts of information, and its successful implementation is associated with the fact that technical capabilities for such processing appear. Not all data is big. The main three distinguishing features of big data are the physical volume of data, the speed of adding new data and speed of processing, as well as the variety of information.

Big data and customers of the company

Companies conduct a variety of research of a large amount of data to understand their clients better and highlight critical moments to work with them. Now buyers have started to act much weighed. They are more clearly see and understand their needs. Before making a purchase, customers examine and study other alternatives, compare them. Big data allows the business community to analyze such clients and their behavior. It allows the business to stay in line and work with essential clients or groups of clients using an individual approach. Time dictates the new rules of the game, and you have to treat your clients the way they deserve it.

Big data plays a significant role in coordinating the relationship between the seller and the buyer. An online store can, without much effort, formulate a universal offer for the buyer, based on the client’s prior experience on the Internet.

Advantages of using big data for different kinds of business

The use of big data was necessary for some leading organizations to be the first to compete. Many companies use information tools and techniques to compete, analyze and improve the quality and availability of their offerings on the market. In truth, you can observe cases of using large amounts of data in virtually every business segment, from IT to social insurance. Big data helps to conduct research more effectively and predict results more accurately.

Big data and the toys

Some early adopters of the idea gathered information using sensors installed in their products: from mechanical goods to children’s toys. It allowed these organizations to get invaluable data and find out how consumers use their products in their everyday lives. It helped them to significantly simplify the process of product development planning by identifying the most demanded and problematic parts of it.

The success of a company depends on many factors. It’s not just how you manage an organization. Financial and social variables play a crucial role in achieving your goals in today’s world. Big data allows you to quickly process daily analytical information from reports and the Internet, which means that you can react more quickly and accurately to different business challenges and improve the processes in your company.


The big data gives you the knowledge to help you understand the market and your customers. However, this information may be interesting not only to you but also to other business groups. You can offer drafts and source data arrays to other companies working in similar segments. Open your data, if possible. Open big data will play an essential role in various projects around the world. Many socially significant projects depend heavily on the availability of open data.

In any case, if you want to be successful in the future, you and your company need to train professionals who can work with big data. With the proper administration of the big data, your business will be more profitable and efficient.

Mikhail Sisin Co-founder of cloud-based web scraping and data extraction platform Diggernaut. Over 10 years of experience in data extraction, ETL, AI, and ML.

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